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MicroFISH Assay System

MicroFISH Assay System

Making FISH Simple and Cost-Effective

MicroFISH is a simple system for performing cellular FISH panels, comprised of SciGene multiwell slides and equipment, that uses only 1µl of probe and sample per well.

  • Saves up to $400 probe cost per test
  • Potentially saves $1M or more per year
  • Processes up to 8 probes per slide
  • Reduces technician time > 75%
  • Removes coverslips automatically
  • Washes and dries slides automatically
  • Produces consistent, high quality results

Simple Workflow:

Drop 1 µl of fixed cells, pretreat/age, and add 1 µl probe in up to 8 wells. Place one 22x50 mm coverslip without sealant over all wells. Denature with CytoBrite System. Hybridize batches overnight with CytoBrite Slide Oven. Automatically remove coverslips and wash/dry slides with the Little Dipper Processor. Apply DAPI and coverslip to visualize.

Incorporating the Scorpion from Art Robbins Instruments for cell dropping and probe dispensing makes further gains in technologist time, repetitive motion and reproducibility/traceability.

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USA Ordering Information
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USA Price
MicroFISH Assay System

USA Price
Little Dipper Coverslip Catcher Bath Insert.
1080-10-9 EA $250.00
FISH Wash Buffer 1 (0.4xSSC/0.3% IGEPAL, pH 7)
2010-00-1 EA $47.50
FISH Wash Buffer 2 (2xSSC/0.1% IGEPAL, pH 7)
2010-00-2 EA $47.50
CytoBrite 6-slide tray. Holds 1 to 6 slides.
2019-10-0 EA $250.00
MicroFISH Slides, 8 wells, 72/pk.
2040-01-1 PK Inquire
MicroFISH Assay System

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MicroFISH Assay System

Product Snapshot (S49) 

ACMG 2016 Poster: MicroFISH High-Speed Microvolume Liquid Handling Automation Reduces Reagent Consumption and Technologist Time

Required Products

CytoBrite Slide Incubation System

MicroFISH Hybridization Oven

Little Dipper Processor for FISH