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MicroFISH® System

MicroFISH Slides and Equipment

Making FISH Simple and Cost Effective

The MicroFISH System condenses a FISH panel of up to 8 probes onto a single slide using just 1 microliter of cell sample and probe per hybridization. Labs can save up to $400 in probe reagent per panel. Uses a simple workflow so technicians can set up slides in a fraction of the time.

  • Cuts probe cost per test up to 90%
  • Reduces hands-on technician time > 75%
  • Produces consistently high quality probe signals 

Simple Workflow click here to view

Dispense 1 µl of fixed cells into wells to receive probe, pretreat if desired, then add 1 µl of the probe solutions. Place a single 22x50 mm coverslip over the wells — rubber cement is not required! Denature in the CytoBrite PLUS System then transfer to the humidity-controlled MicroFISH Hybridization Oven. After probe hybridization, the Little Dipper Processor automatically shakes off coverslips then washes and dries slide ready for counterstaining and visualization. 


MicroFISH Video | MicroFISH Workflow


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MicroFISH® Assay System

MicroFISH® System

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MicroFISH® System

Product Snapshot with Workflow (S49)

MicroFISH Video 

Scorpion Robot Video 

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ACMG 2018 Presentation: Automated Preparation of Chromosome and FISH Slides

ACMG 2017 Presentation by Dr. Eric Crawford, Genetics Associates, Nashville, TN: MicroFISH Assay System: Making FISH Simple and Cost-effective (request a copy)

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