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As Seen on CBS News 60 Minutes

Genesis Genetics uses the Little Dipper Processor to weed out diseases from the gene pool.


MeetingNov 13-15, 2014
AMP 20th Annual Meeting
Booth 114 — See the CytoBrite family of instruments for FISH/ISH slide processing, including the CytoBrite Slide Incubation System for hybridizing 1 to 12 slides; the CytoBrite Duo Slide Incubation System, a dual temperature instrument for denaturation and incubation; and the CytoBrite Slide Oven for performing the lengthy probe hyb step on up to 60 slides.
MeetingMar 25-27, 2015
ACMG Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting
MeetingJun 4-6, 2015
AGT 40th Annual Meeting


Christa Lese Martin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Operations Director, Emory Genetics Laboratory

In 2008, we acquired a Little Dipper from SciGene to automate our post-hybridization slide washing and drying process. We found that the Little Dipper Processor reduced variability between arrays and lowered our labor costs, which allowed us to discontinue all manual washing of microarrays. Our technicians love the machine’s walk-away automation, which improves their ability to multi-task and be more efficient