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CytoBond Removable Coverslip Sealant
Replace your rubber cement with superior CytoBond Sealant -- ready-to-use for temporary sealing slide coverslips. It remains supple without humidification and removes in one piece. Request a free sample.


MeetingOctober 19, 2014
ASHG 63rd Annual Meeting
Booth 423 — See the CytoBrite family of instruments for FISH/ISH slide processing, including the CytoBrite Slide Incubation System for hybridizing 1 to 12 slides; the CytoBrite Duo Slide Incubation System, a dual temperature instrument for denaturation and incubation; and the CytoBrite Slide Oven for performing the lengthy probe hyb step on up to 60 slides.


C. Dana Bangs
Cytogenetics Supervisor, Stanford Hospital and Clinics, Palo Alto, CA

The CytoBrite oven has successfully hybridized the full range of FISH testing, including standard cytogenetic interphase and metaphase preparations, FFPE specimens (breast, lung, lymphoma, sarcoma, etc.), and fixed intact cell Thin-Prep slides for bladder cancer screening. Probes from the major vendors and representing all FISH strategies (fusion, breakapart, deletion, amplification) have been successfully hybridized. Results have been excellent.