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Are YOU ready for inspection?
ONLY the CytoBrite System has built-in temperature verification. Trade-in any ThermoBrite or HYBrite for a 25% discount! Contact us for details.

*CYG33950 ISH Slide Processing Temperature Checks (08/17/16)


MicroFISH Assay System
Set up 8-probe FISH panels with a single slide and coverslip — without rubber cement.

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LIVE DEMOSept 17-18, 2017
FGT Southeastern Regional Genetics Meeting
See the MicroFISH System in Chantilly, VA and discover how labs can save up to $400 in probe reagent per FISH panel using just 1 microliter of cell sample and probe per hybridization.


Eric Crawford, Ph.D., DABMG MicroFISH Assay System
Senior Director, Genetics Associates, Nashville, TN

The MicroFISH system is now in routine use in our FISH lab running up to 100 blood cell and bone marrow samples per day. Our technicians really love the easy method using a single slide to process up to 8 FISH hybridizations and the consistency of hybridization quality provided by the automation, thus reducing set up time and simplifying scoring.