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Automated Cell Dropping

The Scorpion Slide Preparation Robot is an automated liquid handling robot that prepares 24 chromosome slides for G-banding, in under 10 minutes. It precisely dispenses cells in patterns optimized for slide scanners. Slides are dropped within a humidity-controlled chamber for optimal chromosome spreading. 

Scorpion Robot Highlights:

  • Prepares 24 chromosome slides in < 10 min
  • Controls humidity for optimal spreading
  • Prepares 12 MicroFISH slides in < 30 min
  • Barcode reader prevents sample/slide and probe mix-ups
  • Produces detailed patient reports
  • At-a-glance probe inventory reports
  • Small footprint (19x19 in; 48x48 cm)

Automated G-Banding

The Little Dipper Processor automates banding of slides for karyotype analysis. Controls staining times and agitation using a series of reagent baths. Processes batches of 1 to 24 slides following user-defined protocols.  

  • “Load and go” automation 
  • Precisely controls trypsin and staining times
  • Eliminates technician-to-technician variability in results 

CytoDrop Slides for Metaphase Chromosome Analysis

CytoDrop Slides are specially manufactured to provide a uniformly wettable surface, for even spreading of samples edge to edge, every time. No more "bad" slides where samples pool or form rivulets. The wettability of each lot is measured with a surface analyzer and checked for uniform sample flow using the Scorpion™ Slide Preparation Robot.

CytoDrop Slide packs are sealed to keep out moisture and are provided ready-to-use with no additional cleaning or treatment. Unopened slide packs retain uniform wettability for > 12 months.

CytoDrop Slide Highlights:

  • Reliable and uniform sample spreading
  • Every slide a "good" slide
  • No slides stuck together
  • Each lot tested for wettability
  • Ready-to-use; no cleaning or treatment needed
  • Use manually or on the Scorpion™ Slide Preparation Robot

Scorpion Video

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