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Little Dipper Processor for Illumina BeadChips

Little Dipper Processor

Automates the staining and washing steps used with Illumina Infinium HD and Expression BeadChips. Controls wash time, agitation, buffer temperatures and drying using an integrated centrifuge. Batches of 1 to 12 slides are processed following Illumina recommended protocols. Use in all BeadChip applications including gene expression, SNP genotyping and CNV analysis. Can also be used with Agilent arrays or for pre- and post hybridization processing of FISH slides with additional accessories. 

• Produces slides with high signals and low, uniform backgrounds
• “Load and go” walk-away automation
• Automates Direct Gene Expression and DASL protocols
• Simple temperature validation for CLIA certification

For Research Use Only

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Little Dipper Processor for Illumina BeadChips

Racks and Baths Included
1x Bath, Standard (670 ml).
6x Bath, Low Volume (275 ml).
2x Slide Rack, 12-Position for Illumina 3.25 inch slides.
Cat # 1080-30-1
Cat # 1080-30-2
115V AC, 50/60 Hz, 1700 W
230V AC, 50/60 Hz, 1700 W
Dimensions (HxWxD)
20 x 28 x 22 inches (51x 71 x 56 cm)
Instrument Weight            
47 lbs (21 kg) net
Performance and Controls
Temperature Range
Temperature Regulation
Agitation Speed
Agitation Stroke Length
Centrifuge RPM / Force
Protocol Storage
Ambient +5o C to 90o C
± 0.5o C from set point
0 to 600 relative units
Selectable, standard (9.5 mm) or long (29.5 mm)
690 RPM / 50 g
Up to 14 protocols, 1 to 9 steps each









Little Dipper Processor for Illumina BeadChips


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