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Sally Kochmar — MicroFISH Assay System
Lab Manager, UPMC Magee-Women’s Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA

Our laboratory has been using the MicroFISH system since August of 2016. We love the MicroFISH system! It has saved us a lot of money both in probe costs and in technologist time (productivity savings).  We have been using the CytoBrite hybridization system, the Hybridization oven and the Little Dipper (for slide washing) since that time.  We have found all of the equipment to be reliable and have only done preventative maintenance on the Little Dipper.
Our techs love the fact that they can analyze an entire panel on a single slide, and we have had no problem obtaining the number of cells we need for interphase analysis.  Yes, the MicroFISH slides are expensive, but that cost is MORE than offset by the savings in probe costs, not to mention DAPI, coverslips, and wash buffer savings.  We saved over $275,000 in the first year alone using the MicroFISH system!

Success Stories

Mingya Liu — Little Dipper Processor
FISH Supervisor, Genetics Associates, Nashville, TN

Eric Crawford, Ph.D., DABMG — MicroFISH Assay System
Senior Director, Genetics Associates, Nashville, TN

Heather Salsgiver — CytoBond Sealant
FISH Technologist, Clin-Path Diagnostics