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Mingya Liu — Little Dipper Processor
FISH Supervisor, Genetics Associates, Nashville, TN

At Genetics Associates, we have been using the Little Dipper Processor on a daily basis since 2010 to perform post-hybridization wash procedures on both FISH and microarray slides. Training new operators is very simple since setting up the instrument is quick and our protocols are programmed and ready to run through the touchscreen. 

Using Little Dipper Processor automation, we have found our washing procedures always remain tight and consistent day to day, regardless of which technician is operating the instrument. We have also found that automated washing cleans slides much better than by hand and centrifugal drying is very fast. 
Before the Little Dipper Processor, we manually dried the slides which was a big headache for us because it took a long time and residue from the buffer remained on the slides. The washing action on the Little Dipper thoroughly cleans slides, removing all buffer residue, and dries them ready for scanning or DAPI. 
Our lab loves the Little Dipper. It is a valuable instrument that saves us lots of time. We cannot imagine going back to the manual method!

Success Stories

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