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About Us


SciGene develops innovative solutions that alleviate the pain points of sample preparation workflows in cytogenetics laboratories. The Company works in concert with customers to uncover and eliminate tedious or error-prone processing steps that can affect the quality of results. Understanding problems at the lab bench before starting product development is key to developing immediately useful products that meet the requirements for complete customer satisfaction.


Founded in 2003, SciGene began working with technology leaders at Stanford University to develop a line of specialized microarray instruments, including the Little Dipper Processor, NoZone WS Workspace and Mai Tai Hybridization System for processing Agilent microarrays. Nearly every leading clinical genomics laboratory in North America using Agilent microarrays also uses SciGene processing equipment. 

Over time, the Company’s technical relationship with cytogenetics labs has uncovered unmet needs in processing traditional FISH and chromosome testing of cancer samples. Since 2010, the Company has focused its commercial activities on simplifying and automating benchwork in these two areas. SciGene has developed the MicroFISH Assay System and Little Dipper Processor for FISH and G-Banding to work together with MicroFISH and CytoDrop Slides to provide a complete solution for the cytogenetics wet lab.


The best ideas are worthless unless there is a dedicated, talented team to turn them into reality. The business, technical and administrative leadership at SciGene have worked together for over twenty years, spanning two companies, developing commercially successful laboratory automation instruments, accessories and reagents used for genome research, drug discovery and diagnostics. SciGene’s innovative products are a testimony to their efforts.