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Selected Press Releases

SciGene Adds Only CAP-Compliant FISH Hybridizer to its Product Line

2018-April —SciGene introduced the CytoBrite® PLUS Slide Incubation System, the only programmable FISH hybridizer with onboard temperature verification of each slide position, as required by CAP regulation CYG.33950*. Individual sensors continuously monitor each of the 12 slide positions. A NIST-certified digital thermometer is provided for easy calibration and to confirm each slide reaches temperature. Time and temperature for each run is recorded to a USB drive. The instrument can be used alone or as integral part of the MicroFISH® Assay System.

*CYG.33950- ISH Slide Processing System Temperature Checks (Phase II): Individual slide slots (or a representative sample thereof) of in situ hybridization (ISH) temperature controlled slide processing systems are checked for temperature accuracy before being placed in service and at least annually thereafter

High Concentrate Liquid Pepsin Readily Treats All FISH Tissues

2016-June — SciGene introduced CytoZyme HC Stabilized Pepsin a high potency solution used for digesting any tissue for FISH assays. Purified liquid CytoZyme HC provides consistent activity for >12 months at 4°C; eliminating the need for laboratories to test new lots. Priced over 80% less than kit reagents from other vendors, it significantly reduces FISH cost per test.

New FISH System Reduces Probe per Test by 75%

2016-April — SciGene introduced the MicroFISH Assay System, a clinically validated method combining microvolume, multiwell slides with SciGene slide processing instruments to economically perform routine cellular FISH in cytogenetic laboratories. The system uses 1 μl probe for each 1 μl sample on specially coated 8-well MicroFISH slides. The lower volume conserves precious samples while reducing probe cost by 75%.

High Capacity FISH Hybridization System

2016-Jan — SciGene introduced a high capacity system for performing FISH hybridization assays. The system consists of a one CytoBrite Slide Incubation System for performing rapid probe denaturation on batches of 12 FISH slides and one CytoBrite Slide Oven for overnight hybridizations of 60 slides. Removable slide trays streamline slide set up and transfers between instruments. The combined instruments replace six older generation ThermoBrite instruments at a fraction of the bench space and cost..

Dual Temperature FISH Slide Incubator

2014-June —SciGene launched the CytoBrite Duo Slide Incubation System, a dual temperature slide heating instrument for performing FISH hybridization protocols. It consists of two independently controlled heating blocks that each hold a 6-slide removable tray. After assay assembly, a slide tray is simply moved from one lower temperature heating position to a higher temperature position to perform the brief probe co-denaturation step then returned to the lower temperature position for hybridization. The snap heating and cooling of slides eliminates heat damage to cells for more reliable results. Slides are sealed with CytoBond Removable Coverslip Sealant eliminating the need for humidification.

Rapid FISH Hybridizer

2014-June — SciGene introduced the CytoBrite Slide Incubation System, a programmable system for performing FISH/ISH hybridization protocols on 1 to 12 slides using Peltier technology for rapid heating and cooling. The CytoBrite System accurately detects true slide conditions using SlideSense™ technology and records times and temperatures to a USB file. Removable slide trays streamline workflow for probe addition, coverslipping and instrument loading. The system uses CytoBond Removable Coverslip Sealant that eliminates the need for humidification during slide incubation.

Product Distribution Agreement with Rainbow Scientific

2013-Nov-14— Rainbow Scientific, Inc. (Windsor, CT) and SciGene (Sunnyvale, CA) announced today at the Association for Molecular Pathology Annual meeting in Phoenix, AZ, a new partnership whereby customers in North America can now purchase SciGene’s line of sample preparation reagents for FISH-based tests directly from Rainbow Scientific, Inc. Products to be sold under the agreement include: CytoZyme™ Stabilized Pepsin, CytoBond® Removable Coverslip Sealant, FISH slide wash buffers and tissue pretreatment reagents developed and manufactured by SciGene.

Sodium Thiocyanate Pretreatment Reagent Added to FISH Product Line

2013-Sep — SciGene today introduced its new Sodium Thiocyanate Pretreatment Reagent, a convenient 1M liquid formulation of NaSCN for pre-treating tissue samples prior to application of nucleic acid probes for cytogenetic assays. The product is available in a 1 L bottle for Coplin jars or staining dishes and a 4 L container with flow control spout for filling baths on the Little Dipper Processor and VP 2000 instruments. No dilution is required and the reagent can be stored at room temperature. The product joins an expanding line of FISH slide processing products from SciGene including FISH Wash Buffers, CytoZyme Stabilized Pepsin and CytoBond Removable Coverslip Sealant.

CytoZyme Stabilized Pepsin Introduced at ACMG Meeting

2013-Mar — SciGene announced at the Annual College of Medical Genetics Meeting (ACMG) in Phoenix, AZ the launch of CytoZyme Stabilized Pepsin, an advanced formulation of pepsin for pre-treating tissue samples in nucleic acid probe based cytogenetic assays including FISH. CytoZyme is a ready-to-use solution of purified pepsin that can be stored in the refrigerator without loss of activity.

CytoBond Coverslip Sealant Replaces Rubber Cement for FISH Assays

2012-Oct — SciGene introduced CytoBond Removable Coverslip Sealant, a gel-like material superior to rubber cement for temporary sealing of coverslips when incubating FISH/CISH probes with tissue samples. It provides a reliable seal at high temperatures without humidification and removes easily in a single piece leaving no residue. Samples sealed with CytoBond sealant can be heated in a standard oven; eliminating the need for specialized equipment and costly humidification strips.

Ready-to-use Wash Buffers Streamline FISH Workflows

2012-Oct — SciGene launched a new line of certified, ready-to-use FISH wash buffers that reduce technician time by eliminating the need for manual dilutions and tedious pH adjustment. FISH Wash Buffer 1 (0.4xSSC/0.3% IGEPAL, pH 7) and FISH Wash Buffer 2 (2xSSC/0.1% IGEPAL, pH 7) are formulated especially for post-hybridization washing of FISH slides. The buffers are lot tested and certified for both pH and ionic strength. A Certificate of Analysis is provided.