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Success Story

Little Dipper Processor

Emory Genetics Laboratory is a leader in the development and clinical use of microarray-based testing for the identification of chromosomal
aberrations in postnatal and prenatal samples. We researched SciGene’s specialized equipment for array processing and determined it was a good fit for the needs of our laboratory. We found that the Little Dipper Processor reduced variability between arrays and lowered our labor costs, which allowed us to discontinue all manual washing of microarrays.
Our technicians love the machine’s walk-away automation, which improves their ability to multi-task and be more efficient. In addition, and more importantly, the instrument eliminates variability between technologists that can result from differences in technique or experience. We also use the NoZone Workspace in conjunction with the Little Dipper which allows us to protect our arrays from the harmful effects of ozone.
Over the years, we have found SciGene to be a responsive supplier of innovative microarray products which has provided excellent support
to our laboratory.

Christa Lese Martin, Ph.D.
Former Operations Director
Emory Genetics Laboratory, Atlanta, GA


Microarray Analysis

Automated Post-Hybridization:

After hybridization, use the Little Dipper Processor to automatically wash Agilent microarray slides and then dry with the on-board centrifuge; ready for visualization. The Little Dipper Processor eliminates wash artifacts and reduces re-test costs while producing slides with high signals and low, uniform backgrounds. Use inside a NoZone WS Workspace for maximum ozone protection.

Complete Microarray Hybridization System:

The Mai Tai Hybridization System is a complete hardware kit for hybridizing Agilent microarrays, consisting of a Model 700 rotating oven, rotator and hybridization cassette(s). The easy-to-use cassette holds 1 to 4 gasketed arrays. Each rotator holds up to 8 cassettes (32 slides) for rotational mixing during incubation. 

Mai Tai Cassette Highlights:

  • Two-piece design reduces handling errors
  • Replaces 4x single slide Agilent SureHyb chambers
  • Priced 40% less than 4x Agilent SureHyb chambers 
  • Automation compatible – microplate footprint

Model 700 Microarray Oven Highlights:

  • Controls temperature to ± 0.2°C  
  • Heats to 99.0°C for special applications
  • Adjustable rotation to 20 RPM
  • Jog switch adjusts rotator for easy cassette loading
  • Rotator drops in and lifts out without tools
  • Simple temperature calibration for CAP

Ozone-safe Workspace for Microarrays:

Use the NoZone WS Workspace bench top enclosure, with high efficiency ozone filtration, to provide a clean area for microarray work while maintaining an ozone level below 5 parts per billion (ppb). Protects sensitive fluorescent dyes from ozone damage. Sets up easily from pre-assembled panels. Ozone Filtration Performance Certificate included.

Space Saving Microarray Incubation:

The Hybex Microarray Incubation System features removable humidified chambers with slide racks for incubating up to 16 slides. Slides remain in racks for manual slide washing or can be transferred to a Little Dipper Processor for automated washing and drying. An optional Hybex Waterbath Insert is used for heating wash buffers. 

  • Slide racks reduce handling 
  • Regulates temperatures ± 0.1°C
  • Specified by Illumina for BeadChip and 24Sure applications

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