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Scorpion Slide Preparation Robot

Scorpion Slide Preparation Robot

Automates Chromosome and MicroFISH Slide Preparation

A liquid handling robot that automates preparation of chromosome and MicroFISH slides. For G-banding applications, it dispenses fixed cells in a humidity-controlled environment for optimal and reproducible chromosome spreading. For FISH, it dispenses fixed cells and probe reagents for each patient panel; ready for MicroFISH slide coverslipping and hybridization. 

The Scorpion reduces tedious manual pipetting and eliminates errors by precisely dispensing microliter volumes of cells or probes onto 1-12 slides. Patient information is entered via barcode or manually. The system provides detailed patient reports, monitors probe tube volumes and produces score sheets for slide readers.


  • 12 chromosome slides in < 10 min
  • Controls humidity for optimal spreading
  • 12 MicroFISH slides in < 30 min
  • Prevents sample/probe mix ups
  • Produces detailed patient reports
  • Tracks probe inventory
  • Small footprint (19x19 in; 48x48 cm)

Scorpion VideoScorpion Workflow

For research use only | Manufactured by Art Robbins Instruments  

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Scorpion Slide Preparation Robot

USA Price
Scorpion Software for MicroFISH.
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Scorpion Software for Chromosomes.
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Scorpion Slide Preparation Robot

  • Weight: 90 lbs, 41 Kg
  • Size: 19 x 19 x 27.5 inches /  48 x 48 x 70 cm
  • Electrical: 100 to 240V, 300W
  • Environment: 4° to 70° C, Non-condensing
  • Includes: Scorpion robot with desktop PC
Scorpion Slide Preparation Robot

Scorpion Slide Preparation Robot (S52)

Scorpion Workflow — Automated Slide Preparation and Processing of Chromosome and MicroFISH Slides (S53)

MicroFISH Assay System (S49) 

ACMG 2017 Presentation by Dr. Eric Crawford, Genetics Associates, Nashville, TN: MicroFISH Assay System: Making FISH Simple and Cost-effective (request a copy)

ACMG 2016 Poster: MicroFISH High-Speed Microvolume Liquid Handling Automation Reduces Reagent Consumption and Technologist Time

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