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Application Tip

TIP: To hybridize and wash small batches of 1 to 16 microarrays, use two Hybex Incubators side-by-side. Place microarray chambers in the first incubator to hybridize while heating up wash buffer in the second incubator equipped with a waterbath insert.


Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)

Workflow Solutions for BlueGnome

SciGene simplifies and streamlines the BlueGnome workflow used with its CytoChip and 24Sure BAC arrays for performing single cell genetic analysis for IVF applications.

  • NoZone WS Workspace — provides an ozone-safe workspace for manual sample preparation or the Little Dipper Processor

For Research Use Only

Product Suite

Little Dipper® for Agilent

Hybex® Microarray Incubation System

Hybex® Microsample Incubator

NoZone™ WS Workspace