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Easy Slide Prep

Optional Automation for Slide Preparation 

The optional Scorpion for MicroFISH automates cell and probe dispensing for up to 12 MicroFISH slides in under 20 minutes.

It eliminates human error (i.e. sample or probe mix-ups) and produces patient reports with details of each probe hybridization. It also monitors and tracks probe inventory and lot expirations to streamline ordering.

Produces paper and electronic score sheets for each patient; ready for entering counts by the slide readers. 


MicroFISH Assay System

Making FISH Simple and Cost Effective

The MicroFISH Assay System condenses a FISH panel of up to 8 probes onto a single slide using just 1 microliter of cell sample and probe per hybridization. Labs can save up to $400 in probe reagent per panel. Uses a simple workflow so technicians can set up slides in a fraction of the time.

  • Cuts probe cost per test up to 90%
  • Reduces hands-on technician time > 75%
  • Produces consistently high quality probe signals 
  • Optional automated slide preparation available 

Simple Workflow — click here to view

Dispense 1 µl of fixed cells into wells to receive probe, pretreat if desired, then add 1 µl of the probe solutions. Place a single 22x50 mm coverslip over the wells — rubber cement is not required! Denature in the CytoBrite System then transfer to the humidity-controlled MicroFISH Hybridization Oven. After probe hybridization, the Little Dipper Processor automatically shakes off coverslips then washes and dries slide ready for counterstaining and visualization. 

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