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Try CytoBond

Ready-to-use CytoBond sealant is superior to rubber cement for temporarily sealing of slide coverslips.

 It remains supple during incubation without humidification and removes in one piece. Contact us to learn more.


FISH and Karyotyping Instruments and Reagents

Lowers Operating Costs / Enhances Test Reliability

As demand for FISH-based diagnostic testing increases, cytogenetic laboratories will require new tools to effectively process ever increasing numbers of samples. SciGene offers a suite of products to meet this demand by simplifying the manual, multi-step benchwork required to process samples used in FISH tests.
Starting with FFPE, blood, bone marrow, amnio or urine samples, specialized instruments and reagents work together to perform sample pre-treatment, probe hybridization and post-hybridization slide processing; producing consistently high quality slides with clear probe signals and low background. SciGene FISH instruments and reagents boost laboratory productivity, reduce re-test rates and lower costs.
FISH Instrumentation
The CytoBrite Slide Incubation System is a programmable instrument for performing FISH hybridization protocols on 1 to 12 slides. It uses Peltier technology to rapidly heat and cool. Removable trays hold slides during probe addition, coverslipping and instrument loading. 
The CytoBrite Duo Slide Incubation System is an affordable slide heating instrument with two independently controlled heat blocks each holding a removable 6-slide tray.
The CytoBrite Slide Oven is a high capacity convection oven for performing probe incubation of up to 60 FISH slides. Up to ten 6-slide trays may be loaded into five sliding drawers. Trays are easily transferred from the CytoBrite or CytoBrite Duo Slide Incubation Systems.
The Little Dipper Processor for FISH performs G-banding, sample pre-treatment and post-hybridization processing of FFPE, bone marrow and blood samples for FISH. It controls wash time, agitation, buffer temperatures and drying using an integrated centrifuge. Batches of 1 to 24 slides are processed using SciGene or user-defined protocols. 

FISH Reagents
Ready-to-use CytoBond Removable Coverslip Sealant is superior to rubber cement for temporarily sealing slide coverslips. It remains supple during incubation without humidification and removes in one piece.
CytoZyme Stabilized Pepsin is a liquid formulation of purified pepsin with enhanced shelf life. CytoZyme is used for readying tissue samples for hybridization with nucleic acid probes used in cytogenetic assays including FISH. 
Ready-to-use FISH Wash Buffers for post-hybridization washing of FISH slides are lot tested and certified for pH and ionic strength.
Sodium Thiocyanate Pretreatment Reagent (NaSCN) is a ready-to-use 1M liquid formulation of NaSCN. Use for pre-treating tissue samples prior to application of nucleic acid probes for cytogenetic assays, including FISH.

The MicroFISH Assay System

The MicroFISH Assay System combines a new generation of microvolume, multiwell slides designed for cytogenetic applications with a simple workflow using SciGene’s slide hybridization and processing equipment to form a simple and economical system for performing routine cellular FISH.

System components:

  1. MicroFISH Slides — 1 ul probe per sample; 8 samples per slide; 1 coverslip; no rubber cement or coverslip sealant needed
  2. CytoBrite Slide Incubation System
  3. CytoBrite Slide Oven 
  4. Little Dipper Processor for FISH 

Contact us to learn more.

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