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Success Story

My laboratory provides genomic analysis resources to help P&G scientists understand the molecular basis of new products under development in across the company. A few years ago we selected the Illumina HT12 BeadChip system for performing high throughput gene expression analysis on cells treated with specific compounds. My lab currently analyzes gene expression patterns from up to 250 samples in a week and will likely double this number in the near future.

When we became interested in automating the multitude of manual post-hybridization washing and staining steps for the BeadChip system, we were pleased to discover the Little Dipper Processor from SciGene for automating this workflow...We have never encountered a problem in its operation despite being used several times each week by three different operators. Our technicians love the instrument since it frees them up to perform other lab tasks as the chips are being processed. 

Jay Tiesman, Ph.D.
Principal Scientist
Genomics Group Leader
Proctor and Gamble (P&G)
Cincinnati, OH

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Gene Expression / miRNA Analysis

Specialized Tools that Improve Assay Reliability

SciGene products eliminate common sources of day-to-day variability in RNA assay quality. Three specialized instruments streamline benchwork for performing RNA analyses using Illumina, Agilent or OGT microarrays:

Little Dipper Processor
Designed for use with all slide-based microarray platforms. Offered with optimized methods and accessories for:

Hybex Microsample Incubation System
High precision tube, plate and buffer heating system used widely in microarray applications. The Hybex System is specified by Illumina for BeadChip and NextGen sequencer sample preparation methods.

NoZone Workspace
Benchtop system that provides an ozone-safe area to protect fluorescent dyes during sample preparation, array washing/drying and scanning:

For Research Use Only

Product Suite

Little Dipper® for Agilent

Little Dipper® Processor for Illumina

Hybex® Microsample Incubator

NoZone™ WS Workspace