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Success Story

In 2008, we acquired a Little Dipper from SciGene to automate our post-hybridization slide washing and drying process. We found that the Little Dipper Processor reduced variability between arrays and lowered our labor costs, which allowed us to discontinue all manual washing of microarrays. Our technicians love the machine’s walk-away automation, which improves their ability to multi-task and be more efficient...The instrument eliminates variability between technologists that can result from differences in technique or experience. We also use the NoZone Workspace in conjunction with the Little Dipper which allows us to protect our arrays from the harmful effects of ozone.

We normally limit technologists to processing 8 patient samples at a time to ensure test reliability. In 2010, as our sample volume continued to increase, we investigated additional ways to automate our array processing, opting with the ArrayPrep Target Preparation System from SciGene. Now each technician can process up to 48 patient samples; dramatically increasing our sample processing capacity. 
Christa Lese Martin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Operations Director
Emory Genetics Laboratory
Department of Human Genetics
Emory University
Atlanta, GA

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CMA Automation for Agilent and OGT Arrays

Lowers Operating Costs and Enhances Test Reliability

SciGene automates the CMA workflow for Agilent and Oxford Gene Technology (OGT) arrays with specialized instruments:

Starting with genomic DNA, the instruments automate the methods specified by Agilent and OGT for DNA normalization, labeling, gasket slide loading, and array hybridization / washing / drying to produce high quality slides ready for scanning. Using SciGene automation, a single technician can process 8 to 48 patient samples at a time.

Instruments may be purchased together to form a complete system or individually as needed.

SciGene CMA automation:

  • Enhances test quality and reproducibility
  • Reduces handling errors and sample mix-ups
  • Lowers labor and reagent costs per test
  • Easy to learn and simple to use
  • Protects sensitive fluorescent dyes from ozone damage
  • Simplifies CLIA documentation

For Research Use Only

Product Suite

Little Dipper® for Agilent

Mai Tai™ Hybridization System*

NoZone™ WS Workspace