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Success Story

 We chose the Little Dipper (for BeadChips) for its simplicity of design and operation and its ability to reduce variability in our data by standardizing the entire post-hyb procedure. We have used the Little Dipper for several years and have found it to be extremely robust and reliable. We have never encountered a problem in its operation despite being used several times each week by three different operators.

Our technicians love the instrument since it frees them up to perform other lab tasks as the chips are being processed. we have found that automating BeadChip processing on the Little Dipper has enhanced our overall data quality and reliability.

Jay Tiesman, Ph.D.
Principal Scientist
Genomics Group Leader
Proctor and Gamble (P&G)
Cincinnati, OH

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Workflow Solutions for Illumina

Specified by Illumina to Enhance Assay Reliability

SciGene provides two instruments that simplify the benchwork and improve the reliability of BeadChip analyses:

  • Little Dipper Processor for Beadchips — A robotic instrument recommended by Illumina for automating the various washing, staining and coating steps used for Infinium Genotyping and Gene Expression BeadChips that improve overall assay quality and reliability. 
  • Hybex Microsample Incubation System — A high precision, versatile incubation system with heated lid, specified by Illumina, for heating samples for BeadChip and NextGen sequencing and high temperature washing of BeadChips.

Workflow Solutions

SciGene simplifies and streamlines the workflow for CytoChip and 24Sure BAC arrays for performing single cell genetic analysis for IVF applications.

  • NoZone WS Workspace — provides an ozone-safe workspace for manual sample preparation or the Little Dipper Processor

For Research Use Only

Product Suite

Little Dipper® Processor for Illumina

Hybex® Microarray Incubation System

Hybex® System for Illumina