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Would you like to see an in lab demonstration of the Scorpion Robot for chromosome slide preparation?

Contact: Gary Henderson



Automated Cell Dropping:

The Scorpion Slide Preparation Robot is an automated liquid handling robot that prepares 12 or 24 chromosome slides; ready for G-banding. It precisely dispenses cells in patterns optimized for slide scanners. Slides are dropped within a humidity-controlled chamber for optimal chromosome spreading. 

Scorpion Robot Highlights:

  • Makes 24 slides in < 10 minutes, ready for banding
  • Controls drop volumes and patterns
  • Precisely controls humidity for optimal spreading
  • Sample and slide management systems prevent mixups
  • Removable slide trays speed handling
  • Smaller than a lab incubator (19x19 in; 48x48 cm)

Automated G-Banding:

The Little Dipper Processor automates banding of slides for karyotype analysis. Controls staining times and agitation using a series of reagent baths. Processes batches of 1 to 24 slides following user-defined protocols.  

  • “Load and go” automation 
  • Precisely controls trypsin and staining times
  • Eliminates technician-to-technician variability in results 

Scorpion Video | Scorpion Workflow

For Research Use Only

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